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REM is a fabless semiconductor company bringing the full power of computer vision and artificial intelligence to embedded devices. We are advancing the state of embedded computing by combining breakthrough circuit technology, intelligent architecture design, and polished software tooling.




William was a Clay-Wolkin fellow at Harvey Mudd. He has done research in both asynchronous and synchronous VLSI design at Harvey Mudd and the Asynchronous Research Center at Portland State University. Prior to co-founding REM, William worked at Intel and AMD as a design engineer.


Founder & Head of Hardware

Dylan spent over a decade researching Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and VLSI design at USC as a BS, MS and PhD. Dylan worked at Intel Labs' Microprocessor Research Lab building CAD tools and optimization algorithms for asynchronous circuits. He has been at the forefront of research in asynchronous design, focusing on increasing power-efficiency, performance, and support for existing CAD tools.


Founder & Head of Software

Eleazar studied Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon where he fell in love with algorithms and bit-twiddling. He worked at Microsoft where he focused on software architecture and ease-of-use. Prior to co-founding REM, Eleazar worked at Microsoft as a software developer focusing on clean software architecture and ease-of-use.

Beerel, PhD

Chief Scientist

Dr. Beerel is an accomplished researcher and entrepreneur who has been at the forefront of VLSI design for the past two decades and has published over 100 papers in the field. He was the CEO and co-founder of Timeless Design Automation which was acquired by Fulcrum Microsystems which was later acquired by Intel. In addition to working at REM, he is currently Faculty Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at USC.

Dimou, PhD

Chief Architect

Georgios has a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and MS and PhD from USC. He was an early employee at TrellisWare and then co-founded TimeLess Design Automation in 2008, an asynchronous EDA startup later acquired by Fulcrum Microsystems. He joined Intel through Fulcrum's acquisition and later worked in Intel Labs for 5 years, completing several synchronous and asynchronous tapeouts.


Hardware Engineer

Tynan McAuley studied electrical engineering at Harvey Mudd College and researched advanced topics in digital design as a Clay-Wolkin Fellow. Before joining REM, Tynan helped design high performance computing chips at Intel and all-electric powertrains for heavy-duty trucks at Motiv Power Systems.


Hardware Engineer

Max is a recent engineering graduate from Harvey Mudd College where he developed a RISC processor for education as a Clay-Wolkin Fellow. He works as a hardware engineer at REM and has previously developed a software defined radar, wireless coordination testbed, and other digital systems.
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